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Judy Harris Cooking School

Alisa Lofgren is a website designer extraordinaire. She has a wonderful creative sense of website design and a knowledge of what important content to include. Her skills are state of the art, always keeping up with the latest techniques. It’s been a wonderful experience working with her. My cooking school has blossomed into a popular and successfully strong business. We are always getting compliments like “Love your website.” and “It’s so easy to use”. She made my dream of a website all so easy. I recommend Alisa wholeheartedly. Thank you Alisa.

Judy Harris

Judy Harris Cooking School

Banana Tree (Imported Asian Furniture)

I came to Alisa wanting a web site but uncertain about how I wanted it to look and what I wanted it to do for our business. Alisa was patient and offered options and suggestions, showing me on her computer (she’s a wiz) what the results would look like. She worked with me to refine the look of the site, working between our meetings to solve problems. Staying within our budget she generated a site beyond my expectations. Thanks, Alisa!


Len Garon, Artist Painter

Hi Alisa,  You are Amazing!!!!!Thank you for your expertise, creativity, and insight in your desire to meet my needs in creating and implementing my new web site . As a professional visual artist and art instructor of 32 years, it is important for people to “see” what I do and what I can do for them. I have had 2 other small web sites for the past 12 years which have served primarily as giving me a presence in the marketplace to exhibit a taste of my work. They gave me validation but they did not serve as a marketing tool for generating internet sales. They also looked old and outdated with little “impact.”  Your web site creation for my business is just the opposite. The design is attractive, impactful, and modern. You have connected my site with YouTube videos which promote my art, business, and salable product. Many of my friends and associates have complimented me on my new web site. I am truly impressed with what you have created for me.  As a businessman, I look at someone who is in your position as a vital member of my business team (i.e. my accountant, attorney, or business partner). I have experienced and am very impressed with your creativity, dedication to your clients needs, and marketing expertise in creating effective web sites for some of your other customers. You are very intelligent in this “technical world” and you stay current with the technology. You also have the amazing quality that you will step up to meet any challenge and figure out the way to do what your clients want and need from their web site. You go that “extra mile” for your clients. It shows that you truly enjoy creating effective web sites and helping your clients to be more successful through your efforts.  I would highly recommend you to anyone who is wanting to be more successful and wants to use the internet effectively as one of their tools. Feel free to have anyone contact me if they have any questions. Thanks again. Len Garon

National Sports Medicine

Hi Alisa, I just wanted to write a line to thank you again for our web site. Our patients love it and our competition compliments it frequently. I gave a few of them the info about AlisaWebs. I wouldn’t be suprised if they contact you soon. We can’t thank you enough for your creativity and diligent work on our Web site. You have been very instrumental in the success of our practice. I will recommend you without reservation to all in need of a Web site. I’ll be in touch soon. Thanks, David

PCT Learning Center (Professional Training Seminars)

Alisa, “When we needed a web site created by “yesterday,” Alisa developed our new site quickly and effectively. It’s informative, yet elegant, with a bit of pizzazz – perfect for our patent professionals clientele. Within one half-hour of the web site launch, we had our first paid customer.” Thanks for making the web site changes. We have 10 registrants now and over 150 “unique computers” have logged on.

Best wishes, Frimmel

OBGYN Doctor’s office

Dear Alisa, You have done a fantastic job with the web site. Overall, I am impressed with the quality of the website. Thanks for your hard work. Thanks again.  Tina Pham, MD

Real Estate Website

Alisa, I want to take a moment to thank you for the terrific work you have done not only in my newly designed real estate website, but in a most recent site expansion which extends my marketing into Europe.Your creativity is amazing and your ideas unique. My original ‘feeble’ ideas exploded to new heights and realms of web design under your artistic talents. The skill at which you operate is developed to such a high level, I feel confident you could work with anyone in any field or area desiring a First Class web design. Thank you again for all your very hard and intense work to make my experience pleasant and my website ‘the best’. Regards,Gary Bond, ‘Your R.E. Consultant for Life’

Chiropractic Office

From Lacey,  Alisa designed our website, over a year ago. It was hard to believe how quickly she got the job done back then. She was also extremely careful to make sure that all of the information was accurate as well as beneficial for our readers. We have had an influx of patients as well as many compliments in regards to our website. Alisa also adds information for us anytime we need it. She has been a lifesaver for us, as well as a big part of building our practice. She is top notch and extremely professional! We would not even CONSIDER using anyone else. Love You ALISA!

FraserMarketAccess (Food Import)

I needed a local technical website designer with whom I could sit down face to face to work on the set-up of the pages, arrangement of information, and the artistic elements of the design, including an attractive logo and color scheme. I needed someone who had artistic flare, but who also had the logical, succinct approach needed for an effectivewebsite. Finally, I needed someone who could easily and inexpensively get my domain name registered, get the site set up and running on the internet, and help me develop an e-mail communications, product feedback, and market research system linked to the website. Alisa provided for all these needs.

The Fraser Market Access website took shape over the first months of 2007. Alisa was available to work with me on my schedule, which was important. She was very helpful in coming up with new ideas for the presentation of information and worked with me very well in making adjustments when they were needed. As in any project, as ideas evolve over time, changes were needed and Alisa was flexible in this regard. She was willing to put in the extra effort to make the needed changes to continually improve the site both visually and technically and maximize Fraser Market Access exposure on the internet through optimization.

As a start-up company, cost was important. Alisa provided all these services in excellent fashion at a modest charge. I intend to continue working with Alisa to administer and update the site as needed. I recommend her highly.  Sincerely, Peter H. Fraser


I was privileged to work with Alisa Lofgren in creating a website for my business, KB Home Exterior, and I was greatly satisfied with the results. Since completing the website, my business has become more successful. I found Ms. Lofgren to be a skilled website designer and would recommend her to anyone who is interested in creating a website for his or her business.  Mr. Hyun Kim

Ethiopia Student Fund (non profit)

Dear Alisa, I found your web site about a year ago when I was looking for a professional, sophisticated, and yet cost effective website builder firm that will help me complete the website project that I started. Finding your website was perfect because you were local, accessible, very detailed and resourceful in your work, and very efficient. I was very lucky to find your web site,  You delivered the project in a cost effective and on a timely manner. Thank you and I will recommend your service to any individuals who might need a website. Thank you, Alisa. Adam Shewan