The Process

1. Initial Contact

This step is the initial contact between you and, either via phone, email or free consultation. I can give you a free estimate at this point. If you decide that you want me to design your website, we move on to the next step.

2. Discovery

The discovery step consists of gathering information that will be used to design your website. Completing the “website questionnaire” will give me most of the information I need. To begin work on your website I require that you sign a contract and a 50% deposit. This deposit can be paid via a check (prefered), money order, or Paypal.

3. Getting a domain name and a hosting Company

At this point, we sign up for a domain name and get a hosting company. A domain name is the address your clients will type in to find your site. Obviously you cannot have a website without a domain name. It is a good idea to keep your domain name short or easy to spell and remember, see “Domain Help”. 

4. Sample Design 

 After I receive your website information I will post a sample layout on line for you to review, comment and suggest changes for. This step is very critical because your new website will be based on the sample that you approve.

5. Development  

When I have a sample that you have approved I will then start building your website, adding content, photos etc. As I build your site, you can see the progress online. Once the site is completed you will be able to review the site and make any final edits to the content or design. I will set up email addresses.

6. Optimization

How do you get top placement in major search engines? There are so many variables that Google and other search engines use to determine the relevancy of your site. Your relevancy determines your ranking. (page tittles, website description..) 

7. Publishing

Once the website has been built and approved I will then submit the site to the various free internet engines. You will then pay the remaining 50% balance that is due. Please see “contract terms” After full payment, the site is yours to change as you please.